Working With Buyer's Agents as a FSBO

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You have made the decision to sell your house by yourself.  That's great!  However, according to


     "It’s generally in your best interest to not only seek them [buyer's agents] out, but use them as partner.  The key to these relationships is that it's all about cooperation."


A Marketplace of Cooperation


According to NAR 87% of buyers purchase their home through a real estate agent.  

"Far from undermining a FSBO seller’s autonomy, agents perform a valuable service in recommending that prospective buyers look at the listed property" according to

As an added bonus, these are likely to be good leads, since agents are in the business to make money and don’t want to waste a seller’s time — or their own.

Agents Can Funnel Buyers to FSBO Sellers


There are two key times when this is especially important:

• When, based on information gathered during a "preview", the buyer’s agent will contact the FSBO seller to arrange for a showing.
• Then, after the showing, the seller should ask the prospective buyer’s agent to let them know when and if they would like to schedule a showing for a client.

But that’s not all a by-owner seller needs to do. A FSBO seller should manage their buyer agents.  Keeping contact with them and seeing if they have any buyer's interested in they're property.


Keep It Professional

The real estate business is built on networking and maintaining relationships, so the vast majority of professionals a FSBO seller meets will be professional and respect your decision to sell your house on your own.

You may hear feedback which you do not agree with, however you should remember that the buyer's agent is just a funnel for his client.  Just because your property may not suit the needs of one client, does not mean it may not suit the needs of others.